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This is a quote from Keith Urban saying what band he'd like to meet backstage at Live 8. I'm not a fan of Keith, but what he said really couldn't be any truer about this band and it's nice to see other artists recognizing this within the band :D

"U2. Hands down. They are absolutely the greatest band on the planet. I just can't say enough about how much they inspire people like me - and I think millions of musicians around the world - to never rest on your laurels, to continue to push yourself creatively. Gosh. As musicians they're inspiring. As a band staying together - that's inspiring. That's inspiring to people, to families, to relationships, that you can have that kind of intense pressure upon you and still keep it together and not break up; that's incredibly inspiring. I'm grateful that a band at that level has such a spiritual message. I think it's beautiful for all of us."

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    If anybody out there is looking for somewhere to chat about U2 now the @U2 forum is gone... this place still exists. :p

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