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Who Really Is The Fly?

I know this is far-fetched, but so my mind works.

I was watching "INXS-What You Need: the Video Hits Collection" and came across the vid for "Suicide Blonde". Did any one else notice that Micheal Hutchence's jacket in it is uncannily similar to The Fly's? Could it be that The Fly is Hutch or an exaggeration of Hutch?

Consider: it is well known that the two bands admired each other's work. They often praised each other to the press. They ran more or less in the same circles. Bono has written other songs directly described by him as tributes to Micheal Hutchence- including "Stuck in a Moment (You Can'y Get Out Of" and he regularly dedicates "Gone" to Hutch when it is played live. They were collegues, they were friends. And Bono continues to write about different angles on The Fly. Up to and including "Love And Peace Or Else" (or was it "Yahweh"? Here my memory fails me. it was the one he concisely explained as "The Fly goes to church."). Could it be that The Fly was a covert take on Hutch while he was living, and was continued after his suicide as Bono struggles still to come to grips with the loss?

What do you think?

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