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More random U2 tidbits

I couldn't sleep, so I decided to make this entry. I hope no one minds.

Firstly, The Million Dollar Hotel is on Cinemax this month. I haven't seen it yet, and even if Bono hadn't written it, it looks like it'd be the kind of movie I'd like, so I'll definately be watching it.
Umm, I have 10 different Cinemaxes, and I'm not sure which ones it'll be on, if you plan to try and catch it, I'd suggest checking your listings here.

I recently found a HUGE Elevation tour poster for $7 at a new & used music store. I was quite happy about it. I also had no clue just how huge it was going to be until I got it home and unrolled it.
Piccy of me posing with it
(Please ignore the random CDs hanging from the ceiling, they're purely decorative)

I had a rough day yesterday, and was in quite a bad mood, with a headache to boot. I had to go somewhere with my mother, and she wanted to listen to Beautiful Day. The song calmed me, and then something really neat happened.
We were at a stoplight when the song got to the middle eight. Everything around us almost echoed the lyrics. The trees ahead of us were deep green against a brilliant blue sky (See the world in green and blue). Everything felt so calm. We were soon going again as the song continued. Suddenly a pair of birds flew across the sky ahead of us (See the bird with a leaf in her mouth). Then we passed a graphics design company, the logo on their sign is the outline of a butterfly over a rainbow background (After the flood, all the colours came out).
It was amazing, and I felt so much better.

I fancy Bono. My mother fancies Bono. She fancied him years before I was even born. It's disturbing. We were discussing his height, and she made this comment: "I wouldn't care if he was two feet tall."

A friend of mine works as the editor for a small online newspaper. He asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could write an article for the paper, as they were short for the next two issues. I wasn't sure if I wanted to, but he said the magic words "You can write about U2!"
I ended up writing something, very, very long. And after seeing it, he probably wished he'd never asked me in the first place. Anyway, if you're interested in reading it, you can find it here. Third one down, just click the icon.
The article's not perfect, but close enough =P
(You guys are thanked down at the bottom, by the way!)

It also inspired an article I'll be writing for the next issue. I listen to Matchbox Twenty almost as much as I listen to U2. Writing that article made me realize I know way too much about U2, and that I know absolutely nothing about Matchbox Twenty.
The article will sort of compare two forms of obsession. Obsession for the music alone (as I am for Matchbox Twenty music) and obsession for the men making the music as well as the music (as I am for U2).

Ok, I think I'm done here.

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