bonoful (bonoful) wrote in u2,

one in toronto

on there is quite a long post about the toronto shows. trying to coordinate something along the same lines as vancouver and other places have. encourage everyone to bring or wear a white shirt with 'one' painted, written, stenciled, typed, etc on it and the and sites on the back to be worn/shown during 'one.' pictures of one campaigns around the world

here is part of the first post for those of you without access:

The idea is this: show up at the concert with a white tshirt on which you've printed, felt penned, silk screened, or tshirt transfered, the word ONE in big black letters on the front. On the back, if you wish, put the two website addresses - and Wear the shirt under your other shirt, or carry it in hand...and when Bono begins his speech before the song One, slip it on, or slip off your outer shirt, and reveal the ONE shirt to show your support of the ONE/MPH campaign.

great pics also fill the pages of the ONE/MPH thread as well - check it out.

let me know if you are going to the show in TO on the 12th - i'll be in the GA line!

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