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ONE Africa shirts


Everyone who was interested in this thread. I am moving it over to my journal, mainly so it doesn't clog up this one and so that I can keep track of everyone who wants one :)

Thanks to evieangelique for the art and the original post!

I was also thinking of adding a tag line to the back of the shirts, for those who don't know what a tag line is, it sits about 3 inches down from the collar on the back of the shirt right in the middle, just something simple maybe "One Person. One Voice. One Hope. ONE" Or something that's related to ONE. I know we can't use lyrics from U2's One (which sucks) but anyway, any input would be great!

Anyway I am working on getting figures and what not, but anyone who wants one post here and I'll add you to my flist so you can see the updates on my journal.

Info on payments since I was asked: We're not selling them due to a possible copyright, all we're doing is everyone that wants one (or two or three, ect) is chipping in on the total cost and possibly shipping, which isn't that much. I'm gonna let this post and the one at my journal run at least over the weekend before I start contacting people via email to get sizes and how many they want, then I'll go and place the order and get the figures. If you haven't done so already, head over to my journal and post your email address in this post (yes it's xposter) that way I can contact you without clogging up journals.

Here are what they would roughly look like:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

The tag lines on the back say "One Person. One Voice. One Hope. ONE" It's just to see what it would look like, I wanted to know :) If you can come up with something better, go ahead. And the font is a bit bigger then what it should be.
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