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Geldof, Bono Praise G-8 for Africa Aid

Geldof, Bono Praise G-8 for Africa Aid

GLENEAGLES, Scotland (AP) - Rockers Bob Geldof and Bono, two of the world's best known Africa fund-raisers, declared victory Friday in their campaign to push leaders at the G-8 summit to double aid to the continent.

"We've pulled this off," said U2 frontman Bono.

He and Geldof praised the Group of Eight summit for pledging to double aid to Africa to $50 billion, saying the move will save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who would have died of poverty, malaria or AIDS.

"The world spoke and the politicians listened," Bono said.

He said the Live 8 concerts and pro-Africa protest marches near the G-8 summit helped persuade the leaders of the wealthy countries to try to help end poverty in Africa.

"It's not the end; it's the beginning of the end," Bono said. "A mountain has been climbed here only to reveal higher peaks behind it."

The new funds "mean the financing is in place to halve deaths from malaria by 2010," Bono said. He added that 600,000 people "will be alive to remember this G-8 in Gleneagles who would have lost their lives to" malaria.

Geldof, creator of the Live 8 concerts, said: "The summit in Gleneagles is a qualified triumph." Appearing alongside Bono at a news conference held at the close of the summit, he said: "A great justice has been done."

Bono warned G-8 leaders that they will be held to account on their promises.

"If these people let us down ... they will feel it when they go to the ballot," he said.

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