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Bono ONE/Africa Shirts finale #2

*UPDATED 20 July, 2005* Alright, I'm not gonna be nice. If I do not hear from you by Wednesday I will consider your order for the Bono ONE/Africa shirts cancelled. I am placing the order Thursday. If you are on the following list you must contact me immediately with either the order form I sent out, a reason as to why you cannot get the information too me, or if you want out. If you didn't get the order form please reply and I will resend it. If your name is on the list and you sent the information, let me know. I may have moved it to the wrong folder.


This is the last call guys, hurry up. This is a one time thing, I wont be running these shirts, sure you can go and buy printer paper and print your own, but only for a white shirt. These are top quality shirts and ink. So again, hurry.

Thanks to those of you who did send your information in quickly. Quick response is a good response.

I will not know the cost of the shirts/production until I turn the order in, then Igor will give me the figures, I will then email each person individually to give them their total.

Say Igor charges me $5 per black $4 per white and you buy 2 black and 1 white, your total, FOR SHIRTS will be $14. BUT that does not include the cost of production. Which I will know when the order is placed. I will take that total divide it by the number of people buying shirts and then that number, which should be fairly small will be added to the $14 (in this case). But as you can cleary see, I will not know any of the cost information until the order is turned in. But once it is turned it I cannot make changes.

As for shipping I wont know until I do a post office run and get the weight and what not, but for the US it would prolly be between $5-$7. But I could be wrong.
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