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Today's Selection is...

*sigh* "Miami" from Pop

I just don't like this song. And I had my hopes up for it when I bought the album. I'll give U2 a break, since they "only went there for a week." Nonetheless, half the stuff they say about Miami is wrong. I have yet to meet someone with a southern accent. The petrol is anything but cheap (fine fine, it was '97. Probably still not cheap though!)
And movie sets. What movie sets? Just a whole bunch of outdoor shots, thank you very much. Where the heck is Colin Farell anyways? Pink and blue suits? Nice shout out to Miami Vice, Bono. We all know what you were watching in the 80's. ;)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comAlright enough hating on the lyrics. Musically the song is different, slow and actually, kind of nice. Bono sings it kind of hauntingly until the very end when it turns to rock at 3:56 (Miami!!). Adam gets the award for being awesome and constant in the background. If there's anything we like in Miami, it's really, really, really, loud bass.


Weather 'round here chopping and changing
Surgery in the air
Print shirts and southern accents
Cigars and big hair
We got the wheels, petrol's cheap
We only went there for a week
Got the sun, got the sand
Got the batteries in the handycam...

Her eyes are swimming pool blue
Dumb bells on a diving board
Baby's always attracted to the things she's afraid of
Big girl with the sweet tooth
Watches the skinny girl in the photo shoot
Freshmen, squeaky clean
She tastes of chlorine
(Miami), my mammy

Love the movies babe
Love to walk through the movie sets
Get to shoot someone in the foot
Get to smoke some cigarettes
No big deal we know the score
Just back from the video store
Got the car and the car chase
What's he got inside the case
I want a close up of that face
Here comes the car chase

I bought two new suits... Miami
Pink and blue... Miami
I took a picture of you... My mammy
Getting hot in a photo booth... Miami
I said you looked like a Madonna
You said maybe...
Said I want to have your baby... baby, baby
We could make something beautiful
Something that wouldn't be a problem
We could make something beautiful
Something that wouldn't be a problem
At least not in Miami

You know some places are like your auntie
But there's no place like
Miami, my mammy
Miami, my mammy
(Keys are in the car)
(Miami, my mammy)
Miami, my mammy

(Shake, shake down)
(Shake down...)
I suppose you either love this song or hate it.
I would still take Will Smith's silly and stolen "Miami."
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