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Chris Zegers Goes U2

Stumbled across another hidden gem here... Yorin FM sure comes up with some good stuff!
Click on "Chris Zegers Goes U2: hele uitzending" to see a lonnnng Dutch TV programme about U2. Don't be put off by the truly awful cover of Vertigo near the start!  It's a rather cool programme, and should be of particular interest to anyone who was in Chicago for Bono's birthday gig - chances are you'll be able to spot yourself on camera!  There's some footage of the band meeting up with fans in the afternoon, then loads of interviews with fans before the show - some who had camped overnight outside the stadium (including a couple who met on the last tour and are now getting married), some on their way in (one couple are dressed in MacPhisto outfits!), and some inside the stadium awaiting the show. Then they show the performances of City Of Blinding Lights, Elevation, Beautiful Day, Sometimes and Vertigo, in between great interviews with all four band members. Plus there are random behind-the-scenes bits, and loads of clips from old U2 videos and previous tours. I found it by accident and wasn't expecting it to be this good, or this long - I think it lasts well over an hour!  Enjoy. :)  (The guy's accent amuses me at times... something about the way he says "Bone O'Fox"!)

If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, visit
where they've also provided some uncut footage of the band and fan interviews.

And here's a bunch of stuff from around the Amsterdam shows:
If you liked the Bono aeroplane interview I posted about earlier, here's where you can find the extended version of that clip and a couple of others - one of the air traffic control leader Ann explaining the procedure and making a note of questions to ask Bono, and one of them making first contact with Edge's plane. There are also a load of image galleries... I hadn't realised the message in the sand ("Yorin FM welcomes U2") was made by loads of people lying down! Awesome.

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