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My adventures against Apple

Deciding to circumvent the so-called “Complete U2” boxed set monopoly can be quite a thrilling adventure. I’ve looked through the list, and what a long list it is!- and became furious that I couldn’t buy the unreleased songs from the All That You Can’t Leave Behind and How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb studio sessions. I’m sure others have been outraged. Most of us have practically all the songs but those few treasures, and would prefer to only pay for them individually, if possible, rather than the $150 (US) for the few songs we don’t have.

I don’t enjoy taking songs I didn’t pay for, but I have a confession, I robbed the vaults. The Apple monopoly didn’t stop me.
What I did was I used the “Dogpile” search engine. I'm guilty of a cybercrime. Notice that with the Dogpile engine, you can search "web,"
"images," "audio," "video," and so on. I used "audio." Simple. Then I decided what I wanted. I wanted Native Son.
This track is a prototype of Vertigo. Armed with a 128k internet connection, I finished in a minute. Very soon, I heard the familiar riffs I'd heard since buying HTDAAB in December, only, it was Vertigo from a parallel universe! It was no longer the rocking spiritual song I've grown familiar with, but an equally powerful protest anthem about one Leonard Peltier. Interesting!

The strange case of Peltier would make an excellent (and original) facet of study for a Criminology paper, there are so many declassified papers to dredge through. I love researching cases. So that song opened something up for me, but I quickly put my browsing to rest, after mentally filing away a wish to buy a sample of Mr. Peltier's artwork, and resumed ripping off Apple. Dogpile turned up Christmas (Baby come home), lasting 2:20. Who's spoken voice is that at the beginning? Anyway, after opening it in the Windows media player, I noticed Apple's rival, MSN Music, had the single for sell in their music store. I clicked the icon/button that identified the song, and learned the Christmas album’s release was October of 1987. I promise to make things right, and pay for the song later. I’ll buy Sting’s rendition of Gabriel’s Message at the same setting.

That settled (and after "temporarily" capturing some more songs"), it was off to the Amazon music store for rare singles when I browsed through the reviews of 
As for the rest of you, if you aren't entertained by my (mis)adventure, I'll provide a link to someone's love/hate poem about Bono. I was surprised to find only one poem of this nature at a site claiming to host 503,103+ works of poetry. I guess none of you guys have accounts there.

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