kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,

Songs you like, but others don't!

Just had to post it cause it's on my mind, lol.

Does it bother anyone else when other people have a right go at U2 songs you love? I know it shouldn't bother me because if you like something, that's enough, and who cares, right? But I was talking online to someone and she started on about hating U2's 90s stuff (ie, stuff I fooking adore and would have its babies) and and insulting The Fly and Lemon, and I just said 'oh right, fair enough', but WHY, when people know you like something, do they have to slag it off? I don't do it to other people. GAH.

This is so random, lol, sorry. I'm fed up though of having to feel bad about liking certain songs. :(

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