kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,

U2 fans.

This feels like all I do is moan here lately. I'm sorry! I just get so frustrated sometimes and need to get it out there, and this community, unlike some others, is full of nice, sensible, tolerant people.

Anyway. I said a few days ago how annoying it is when people slag off u2 to you. I've decided it's even worse when you get those u2 fans who hate everything they do, or they hate particular songs and even though you've said you like it, they'll argue with you like you have no right to have that opinion. AND people who go on about the newer stuff as if it's some sort of betrayal to like that as well as the old stuff. I mean, what's wrong with enjoying Vertigo? It's one of my faves but I mentioned that elsewhere and I might as well have said Bono's a murderer, for all the outcry it received. Fair enough, disagree, but don't make me feel stupid for liking a bloody song that makes me happy.

OH, and also, I can't help I was born after Boy came out and couldn't go and see them in the 80s because I was a small child! So why do some people who DID see them then act as if they're superior? I can still appreciate the music now...

Gah. Sorry. :(

(The latest is someone telling me there's no concept to AB.)
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