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Best of 2000 - 2010

We all know the story; U2 made a deal with Island as a 'thank-you' to release three best ofs. I was just thinking of the singles that would be on a Best of 2000-2010, and got a warm tingling feeling. Best of 1980-1990 was good, Best of 1990-2000 was better, and Best of 2000-2010 has the potential of being the best...

Potential Tracklisting (so far):

1. Walk On
2. Elevation
3. Vertigo
4. All Because of You (North American release)
5. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
6. City of Blinding Lights
7. Mircale Drug (?)

Can anyone think of odd ball tracks in line with "The Hands That Built America" or "Miss Sarajevo" that have been done since 2000 that might be included? I can't off the top of my head...
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