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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"Your Blue Room" from Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAdam owns this song. His bass is the lead instrument (I would say) and it's the only song that Adam lends his voice to. For the most part, Bono sings it in his deep throaty voice, but also gives us falsetto!Bono during the chorus. :) Again this song isn't all U2 and it's quite evident with all the people singing the "Your Blue Room" part(though I can't be too sure who is contributing there). The song is alright, not really something I can listen to like a regular U2 song. I listen mainly to hear Adam talking the lines at the end which is, unmistakeably, the best part of the song for me. The guitar doesn't even start until Adam starts singing. !

[snippet] (scroll down)

Also, new Verdana love from now on!

//Your Blue Room

It's time to go again
To your blue room
Got some questions to ask of you
In your blue room

The air is clean
Your skin is clear
I've had enough fun hanging 'round here
It's a different kind of conversation
Your blue room

You saw me coming love
In outside
You saw me coming
Somewhere I can hide

And time is a string of pearls... your blue room
(You see that?)
See the future just hanging there... your blue room
A new frame, a new perspective
Looking down on my objectives
Your instructions whatever their directions
Your blue room / Your blue room

You saw me coming round
East by the moon
You saw me coming
But can you feel?

It's alright

Your blue room

One day I'll be back... your blue room
Oh yeah, I hope I remember where it's at... your blue room

You see me slide on
Won't you bring me back home?

So much for change

(Adam speaking)
Zooming in
Zooming out
Nothing I can't do without
A lens to see it all up close
Magnifying what no one knows
Never in company
Never alone
No car alarm
No cellular phone
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