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Hey! I joined this community a few days ago, ive already commented on some of your posts. Anyway, U2 is definitly my favorite band. Ill be 17 in 2 weeks so I know i'm not REALLY old enough to appreciate everything that they have done, but whatever. I started listening to u2 when i was about 14 (my mom is irish and knew of them and liked their music) and I fell in love with them. The first cd of theirs i got was the best of 1990-2000, and listened to it basically religiously for about 3 months and ive expanded my collection since then.
I know the general consensus is that The Joshua Tree is their greatest album and is most people's favorite, but my favorite album is definitly War.
It has been said that the mark of a truly great band is when your favorite song by them changes like the weather, and at least for me, that can definitly be said about u2. One day it will be New Years Day, the next it will be Like A Song (hence the username lol), the next it will be The Hands that Built America, and the next it will be A Man and A Woman, and so forth.
I live in Los Angeles, and it would be my dream come true to see them play at the Staples Center in November. Its my birthday really soon and my mom said that she would try to get tickets for me, but of course, since its U2 its pretty much sold out, so if anyone knows where I can find tickets for not TOO much over the face value that would be wonderful.

I could write all day about what I think about different songs of theirs and what I want to see happen with them in the future and all that but this would get way too long and i'm sure nobody wants to hear all that right now, so I'll end this here. I just want to say that I'm really glad I found a good u2 community, I was a member of one before on my old livejournal but nobody ever posted or anything and it kind of...died. Everybody here seems so nice and knowledgeable and I really like it. :)

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