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Working titles

I was looking at some old websites and found a list of rumoured song titles from August 2000. I'd forgotten about some of these. There are still a few that don't seem to have surfaced yet...

Stir My Soul / Jubilee <-- became Beautiful Day?
Origin Of Species <-- became Original Of The Species
Bulldozer <-- became Elevation?
Sun, The Moon And The Stars <-- ?
Home (This Bird Has Flown) <-- became Walk On?
Tough (about Bono's father) <-- became Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Yesterday And Tomorrow <-- ?
Sometime <-- ?
Love And Peace (soul) <-- became Love And Peace Or Else?
Stranded <-- ?
Always <-- Beautiful Day B-side
Summer Rain <-- Beautiful Day B-side

I then found some more on another site:

Busy Bee (seen listed on the Beautiful Day video) <-- became Wild Honey, maybe??
A Man's A Man <-- ?
You Can't Give Your Heart Away <-- ?
I Love You <-- possibly referring to the song they improvised once in Antwerp?
Full Metal Jacket <-- became Native Son / Vertigo
Lead Me In The Way I Should Go <-- ?

Also, what the hell ever happened to Novelty Act?  It was supposed to be the B-side to Stuck In A Moment, but was replaced seemingly at the last minute by Big Girls Are Best, and we've never gotten to hear the other song!
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