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Introductions to U2

OK, so I have been reading and posting to many of my fellow U2 fans journals, and being as big of a fan of them as I am, I thought this is the perfect place to ask a few questions...

1) What was the very first U2 song that you remember hearing?

2) If different than #1, what song convinced you that you liked U2?

3) Name something about the song in #2 (or #1, if applicable) that hooked you on U2?

4) What makes you stick with U2 even though they have changed or evolved over the years?

5) What bank member do you like most and Why?

6) Where are you from and how much radio airplay does U2 get in your area?

I ask because of several reasons. The main one is that I have been asked and had to explain my U2 'relationship' to others that wonder why I talk about them so much as well as so highly. So, I was hoping to hear other fan's feedback on the subject.

Finally, I wish to thank everyone in advance that participates in this 'survey.' Please do not feel that you have to answer everything but the more information I can get together the better! So, again "Thank you!"
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