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EW being biased???

I received my copy of Entertainment Weekly yesterday and, as usual, religiously flipped through it for anything interesting. Well, on pg.79 there is a little article about big-ticket acts and how expensive they are. They list 4 big names and their floor ticket prices, which usually means the most expensive ones. Here's the breakdown, see if you can notice the slight inconsistency that I did:

The Rolling Stones - $450 for floor seats
Paul McCartney - $250 for floor seats
Eagles - $175 for floor seats
U2 - $165 for first-level seats

They not-so-delicately left out the fact that the floor seats are the cheapest and the best!!
I just thought that ya'll might find this interesting.

Edit: I guess that I can let it slide. It still shows that U2 is one of the cheapest acts!
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