popcorn (films) wrote in u2,

u2 plan for NYC

so as of right now i am going to take a road trip to NYC in november to see u2. i know how i posted awhile back about mabe selling the tix. but i just came back from NYC after a month long trip there. (i did play city of bliding lights in the air plane coming in) and after having the time of my life going to the nyfa for a month and living at the village and seeing all of nyc in a month from the park all the way to brooklyn. i am going to take a trip by bus to NYC from NC.
I am going to come into the city that morning. have fun during the day. go see the show at 8 (have no clue what time it gets out at) then wait around eat and catch the bus at 130am back to NC. I hope i can make it from MSG to the bus place.

So no hotel room or anything. a bus ticket round trip will cost me $120 in november

any ideas
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