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Hi everybody...after a bit of a break, the new Achtoon is here.

I painted this one a week ago. Especially enjoyed the 4-headed Bun and the fish.

Have any of you ever seen Yellow Submarine? The giant heads blew me away. Fun, mindless painting.

Lemon submarine.

I think this one is my favorite. Edge proves that he will always be Edge no matter what you do to him.

Oh Edge. Adam too.

This painting kind of inspired the month off. Explanation here (second comment).

Yeah, so Bono and all his little details took forever to paint and actually injured my neck/shoulder because I was so tense. Anyway. I think he turned out fine. Edge and Adam look particularly goofy. The yellow background is my homage to the photos of the Beatles in the Sgt. Pepper album. It *is* a perfectly flat yellow in real life--my scanner made a few places look uneven.

Hope you guys like it!
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