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Top Three Live Performances

It's been a while, so it's time for a top three. I'm not going to tally up the scores for this one though, since it's going to be far too hard. I want to know what your Top Five Live Performances are. And if you want to quickly say why as well, that would be great. :) So I'll start.

"Gone" - Live Elevation Tour

Words can not describe how much I love this song, and how much I love this live version. The guitars, Bono's voice, Edge's background wail; it's got it all! Even band tantrums at the end a performance in Boston. ;)

"Walk On" - Live at Slane Castle

One moment I love the album version of this song, the next I love the single version. They meld the two versions of the song beautifully during this performance. And Bono calling out "you look so beautiful! so beautiful!" makes me melt everytime into a gooey puddle. And I'm a 22 year old male. ;)

"Vertigo" or "Bullet the Blue Sky Medley" - Vertigo Tour

It's hard for me to choose between the two. For "Vertigo", this live performance (San Diego especially) sounds like this amazing sythesis between garage band and super rock stars. Even after twenty five years, the boys sound just as fresh and innovative, both in the studio as well as live. For "Bullet the Blue Sky", I just love the song, but to use elements of "The Hands That Built America" (another fave of mine) as well as "Johnny Comes Marching Home", is just sublime.
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