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Song of the Day

Today's Selection is...

"Seconds" from War

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI have recently fallen in love with this song. I don't even remember why I went out of my way one day to listen to it. Probably because someone mentioned the whole Edge/Bono thing. The lead for this song is sung by Edge, FYI. The best part of this song is without doubt, THAT BASSLINE. It's so simple and yet genius at the same time. Three notes. Three notes and I'm hooked. Larry's bass drum in the beginning is also amazing. It really is a big standout from War, unlike hue126 said in his review. Even better is the middle part where the "I wanna be an airborne ranger!" part kicks in. It's so wonderfully random. (I just blasted this in my ear and looked to my right thinking someone was talking in my ear when it's really that soldier. I knew it was there, but it scared me nonetheless.) See? GENIUS!

I'm posting a link to the lyrics cause my html skills aren't at all good, and these are pwning me right now.

And I don't think it's "alpha ranger". I originally thought it was "Air Force ranger", but it sounds a bit more like "airborne ranger" now that I'm listening to it intently. I know that when John Bender says it in TBC, it's "Air Force ranger". It doesn't matter. I'm being anal again. :/
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