captain tightpants (anharaxiel) wrote in u2,
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We Will Follow - A Tribute to U2

all right, i said i'd upload some of them, but i decided what the hell - uploaded the entire thing :P

just let me know if the links run out (that's how yousenditworks, right?)

i also have some of the strung out on u2 songs, but that might take me longer to upload, as they are on my older computer, from which i have not yet transferred any of my files to my spiffy new compy.

that was a really awkward phrase.

at any rate, tracks, with some notes about which ones are either kind of cool or particularly hysterical:

kinda cool: New Year's Day, Numb (even more industrial), Polecats' version of Desire is really kind of neat, and for some reason, Where the Streets is kind of sweet. however, Dead or Alive's version of EBTTRT is just. i don't even know what to say, but it makes me giggle.

1. Heaven 17 - With or Without You

2. Information Society - One

3. Frontline Assembly - New Year's Day

4. Razed in Black - Pride

5. Dead or Alive - Even Better than the Real Thing

6. Spahn Ranch - I Will Follow

7. Mission UK - All I Want Is You

8. Electrick Hellfire Club - Sunday Bloody Sunday

9. Rosetta Stone - October

10. Die Krupps - Numb

11. Silverbeam - Where The Streets Have No Name

12. Bang Tango - Even Better Than The Real Thing

13. Polecats - Desire

14. Intra-Venus - Discotheque (Suspiria Remix)

thank god for cable. i shudder to think how long this would have taken on dial-up. and please let me know when these run out. otherwise, if you're not too far away, i might be able to do some postal magic...
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