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Just a few things U2 related.

Sometimes singing U2 songs aloud can have odd repercussions. Some things I remember reading in comments here was one person almost getting kicked out of class for singing the "Don't believe in forced entry, don't believe in rape, but every time she passes by, wild thoughts escape" bit of God Part II and another person not realizing they were singing aloud to the Bono-gasm bit of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me... while in full earshot of their parents.

Now, today I was singing Do You Feel Loved, and when my sister heard me say "Take my shirt, go on and take it off me" she looked at me and said "Be careful, that's how I ended up getting pregnant." XD

Also, just now on AIM, an ad caught my attention. Apparently it's for a movie called Cry Wolf which, after watching the trailer, doesn't look too bad.
Anyway, what caught my attention in the ad was something very ZooTV: "beLIEve"

And speaking of ZooTV. I ought to print out the ZooTV logo and give it to my father to hang in his closet. He's a total packrat... well let me just explain what he's done with his closet. There are no clothes in there. Instead he has six TVs, of various sizes stacked on top of eachother and next to eachother and on shelves. It's mad. And they're all hooked up to one another, and to six VCRs.
I think he does it just because he can, but it's just so weird.

Last thing, I just have to share it because it's awesome:

As soon as I read that quote, and knew that I knew where to find the pictures, I just had to make it. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to use it or not, but it's free for the taking (with credit please) if anyone wants it.
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