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Pics: Joshua Tree National Park

For the past week, I was out of town visiting Southern California on a tour of the baseball parks in the A-level California League, part of minor league baseball. In between going from place to place, I visited Joshua Tree National Park. In part due to the fact I have so many baseball pictures to go through, also in part due to me just wanting to get these up first, I started out by editing the shots I took there.

Wow, what a beautiful place this is, and what you see is only from about two hours worth of time spent inside. I hadn't even planned on going there when I began my trip, but I'd been thinking about it as a possibility if there was a chance to get out there. I'm very glad I did, but I'm going to have to go back again when I have more time to spend there.

You can bet I was listening to U2's The Joshua Tree during part of this. Actually, it was the so-called "real" version with the extra b-sides and such that I compiled a few months ago.

Anyway, please do check these out. There are 60 pics and there's not a single one I dislike in any real way. I intentionally made the color stand out even more than I normally would and I really like that result. I could do an entire portfolio of just stuff taken there.

I'm even in one of the pics, something I don't just do without a good reason. That's the beauty of the self-timer.

Joshua Tree National Park
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