Caitlin (onebadkite) wrote in u2,

Y'know, I'm only recently an uberU2 fan. I fell in love to Slane, adore my Boston DVD. Rattle and Hum seems a trip into history. I recently acquired a Sydney ZooTV VHS. I didn't much care for it on the first viewing, I will admit. But I keep going back to it and loving it more and more.

And for a person who loathes fanfic/slash (sorry!).... everytime they play "Mysterious Ways" on this tape, I imagine an Edge inwardly-growling as Bono dances toward Morleigh, and I imagine him thinking "don't touch my woman, you bastard!" Even though... well I dunno when they even got together, but I do know they weren't married until a few years ago. Ah well... U2 grows on me more and more every day.

Now I just need The Unforgettable Journey, Red Rocks, and a PopMart concert...
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