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U2 dreams

U2 dreams are quite fun, and I've had a few. If I could control my dreams, I'd have nothing but U2 dreams, but alas, that's not an option. When I sleep, I either don't remember my dreams, or else I dream about something completely random, like making a cup of hot cocoa.

But as I said, I have had a few U2 dreams.

I haven't been a rabid U2 fan all that long, and my first U2 dream occured last spring (I'm pretty sure I mentioned it here at the time).

Basically in this dream, I was on a school field trip (even though I'm not in school anymore) and U2 just happened to be at the nature reserve-type place we were at. They played a couple of games of frisbee or water balloons or something with us, and everyone was cool with them, no crazy freak-outs.
Then they got onto our schoolbus with us, and still, and people mostly ignored them on the way back. Some girl was giving Bono a mini-interview type thing. She asked him what he did for a living before the band, and he said nothing, because he was just a kid. But then he said something about being a forest ranger (WTF?) and that he caught frogs and bats (seriously, WTF?!). He also said it takes more than one man to make a great band (go Bono!)
Then we got to my house (even though I don't live there anymore, I apparently still did in the dream). I had two backpacks full of stuff, which had managed to end up all over the bus, and I started putting it all back in my bags. But I couldn't find my notebook. There was a stack of notebooks on one of the seats, and The Edge went through them and found my notebook for me.
The Bono was carrying one of my bags up to my house for me, so I hurried after him, and I was thinking 'my mother is going to FREAK'. My mum opened the door, and looked a bit suprised to see Bono, but didn't freak. He carried my bag in and sat it down. He shook hands with my parents, and then turned to leave. I stopped him to say goodbye, and then said "I want a hug." (I do this in real life, just randomly demand hugs from people). So he hugged me, and then hugged me again, and then kissed me on the cheek/ear, and then left.

The first dream is the longest/clearest. The second dream was probably better, I just don't remember it very well.

I really wish I remembered this dream better, because there was so much going on.
I was hanging out with the band, and we'd been driving like all day. The vehicle we were in kept changing from like a semi-truck, to a bus, to some kind of weird flatbed truck/wagon thing.
I think at one point, we were like... driving through Mardi Gras.
Anyway, I do remember the best part of the dream. I was sitting toward the front of this... vehicle with Edge, and Bono was back behind us. He reached his arm between us, and then in front of my face to either point at something, or reach for something, and his hand was like right in front of my mouth.
I snapped my teeth at him, and then said "I'll bite you! You should know better than to put your hand so close to my mouth."

That's really all I remember, but woo, what a dream. Threatening to bite Bono and everything. The weird thing is, that's something I'd do in real life. Maybe not specifically with Bono, but I have been known to threaten to bite people in real life.

The second one's probably my favourite, but the third one was good too. And it's nice and fresh on my mind, because I just had it last night.

U2 were hanging out in my apartment for whatever reason, along with a bunch of people I didn't know, including one guy I got pissed off at for taking apart my computer.
Unfortunately, I don't really remember the bulk of the dream, but at one point, Larry was in my room, standing by my bed. I came and stood next to him, and started talking to him (I can't remember what was said), and then I kind of leaned against his shoulder, and he put his arm around me and hugged me.
And then Bono came into my room with someone else (possible Adam or Edge, or just someone else altogether) and the first thing I noticed was how short he is XD I remember looking down at his feet to see what shoes he had on, and I saw that he didn't have any on at all, just socks. I was also shoeless, and I moved away from Larry so I could compare my height to Bono's.
At this point, three things happened. I realized I was dreaming, I had an impure thought about Bono, and then I woke up. Dammit >_<

If only I hadn't woken up! Lucid dreaming with U2 has so much potential! (Lucid dreaming is what it's called when you realize you're dreaming, so you start controlling aspects of the dream, hence the impure thought...)

Right. I'm a big U2 geek, so sue me =P I think we all are anyway. **giggles** Now, I know more than a few of you guys have had U2 dreams too. I'd love to hear about them =P
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