Princess Strokenham (fiveandfour) wrote in u2,
Princess Strokenham

Thanks guys!

Thanks to all who offered info on cases for protecting my lovely U2 iPod.  Today, while shopping for something else entirely, I came across an Apple store that I didn't even know existed and there it was: the special edition case for  $39.95 (not my favorite part).  For those who may be wondering, it's black leather with red stitching on the outside and red suede leather on the inside.  It's one of those that folds over so that the click wheel and window are completely covered when the case is snapped closed, and when open the window remains protected with a bit of clear plastic.  Plus, there's a clip on the outside for attaching to waistbands or what-not.  The shiny back with the etched signatures is visible but protected through another bit of clear plastic.

Again, not happy at the cost (I'm a girl, so couldn't help but think what that would have bought me in shoes or clothes or makeup), but it matches the iPod perfectly and has the features I was looking for if I couldn't find this one. 

Final thing is to decide if I want to give the iPod a name, and if so, what it should be.  A U2 reference is a necessity, of course, but what?  What?


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