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16 icons =D

(I blame surfgirl83 for spreading the icon-making bug to me)

I got inspired, and instead of going to sleep like I should've, I stared making icons. But they're some pretty nice icons, so it's ok =D

6 Africa
1 Bono/Ali
2 Bono/Edge
1 Bono/Larry
4 Adam
2 Larry


1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.

I stole the image from Bono's shirt. Which is why it looks a little wonky, because he had his arm lifted, and it was pulling up on that side of the shirt. I was, however, able to fix the colours and clarity of the image, after a bit of tedious work.
They're all the same, except the text. Most of it's plucked from ONE/Make Poverty History campaign stuff, but the last one's a line from the song Mercy, and the first one is blank.



I fell in love with this photo when I saw it. They just look so cute together that it almost hurts. And she's left lipstick on his cheek, awwww. Text is a line from If You Wear That Velvet Dress.


1. 2.

These aren't necessarily slashy. When I randomly stumbled across the image in the first one, I couldn't help myself. It was too cute. The icon could've turned out better, but I'll live.
The second one I didn't do much to. Just cropped and added the text. Vampire!Bono is teh sex.



How can anyone expect us crazy fangirls not to have slashy thoughts after seeing photos like that?!


1. 2.
3. 4.

Because there are never enough icons of Adam. And he's just too damned cool for there not to be. I love Pop!Adam, particularly the white glasses, and I'm obsessed with the concept of the Poptart (not the pastry!) so this was a must. And the "bloody rock god" thing is a reference to Dominic Monaghan's character on the show Lost.
The second one is from the (horrible) American video for Stuck In A Moment (You Can't Get Out Of). The text for this one (and the fourth one) were kind of inspired by the odd/wry text on the icons at potterpuffs.
The third.. I like his rose-coloured Elevation glasses too, but I had so much trouble tinting this photo right! And then I had to go back and blur the people in the background because they were freaking me out.
And of course the fourth, because everyone loves Adam in drag.


1. 2.

Ok, the first one is from the Electrical Storm video. To quote the making of the video:
Anton: "This is Larry."
Larry: "This is Anton Corbijn. He makes me wet."
And the second one is an incredibly hot (and incredibly narrow!) Pop photo of Larry. With a bit of a note to him.

Cross-posted to u2icons

Be sure to credit if you take any =3
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