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August 30th, 2005

U2 Goodiness! @ 11:33 am

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Alright so there was plenty of U2 on my vacation. :)

First of all, I now like the song "Miami." Looking at Miami Beach from a tourist's perspective, the song really does fit the mood of the city. I must have listened to it like 5 times in a row standing in the bow of the ship. Really cool.

I get to the casino and there's a familiar "muzak" song playing in the background. I get close to the speaker and this buy is totally butchering "With or Without You." Ugh, he was so off key! I laughed my ass off and felt like crying at the same time. I know what bonoffee meant with the whole "Miss Sarajevo" thing. Awful.
Getting to Key West, they started blasting "Pride" from the top deck of the ship. It was still morning and my stepmom and I were the only ones really jamming to it. I sang loudly and obnoxiously. And I didn't care.

I was thisclose to doing Karaoke U2. But a) I didn't have my Bono glasses. b) They were openly mocking people. c) the contest was 21 and over. And I look 13.
They had a "Musical Legends Guest Talent Show" the last night they got us stuck out at sea. I so badly wanted to don my glasses, wear a leather jacket, fake an Irish accent and introduce myself as Bono and sing "Vertigo." But I'm a wuss. I did however promise myself to try something like that in a local karaoke bar. But I may be booed just for singing U2. :/

Anywho: "Pop" was the exiting Miami soundtrack. "Achtung Baby" was the sleepy time while watching for dolphins" soundtrack. "All That You Can't Leave Behind" was the entering Mexico soundtrack (with "Beautiful Day" as we were docking. Really wonderful).
Oh and at one point, there was an Electrical Storm outside at night and I naturally listened to Electrical Storm.
Why is U2 so....Earthly and overly wonderful?
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Date:August 30th, 2005 09:24 pm (UTC)
Ugh, the dreaded muzak!!! God save us all! Or Bono save us all, it's much the same thing (but probably more fun).

Yeah I was just thinking, regarding your last paragraph. I'm totally not religious, I don't believe in a God or anything, and I wouldn't call myself spiritual either. But U2's music lifts me, spiritually, and I feel connected with... something. It's not a religious thing but it's... I can't explain. Something I don't feel at other times. Like listening to WOWY when Bono does the 'we shine like stars...' bit at 3am when it's raining outside and you feel shit. Suddenly you feel full of some kind of joy. It's weird but amazing.

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