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ABOY single

I'm a bit behind on here, but I haven't seen anyone post about this yet:


"It's Official!

All Because Of You will be the fourth single release from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

The new single, released in the UK on October 10th, will be issued on 2 CDs and DVD.

B-sides include a new version of Miss Sarajevo, recorded live at Milan's San Siro stadium in the summer, as well as an acoustic version of the album track A Man And A Woman.

The DVD features the video for All Because Of You which was shot by Phil Joanou last winter on the back of a truck on Brooklyn Bridge - with a cast of thousands including New York cops, sirens and lots of barely believing fans. Also featured is the video for the last single City of Blinding Lights, shot live in Vancouver on the opening leg of the tour.

Acoustic version of AMAAW?  Oooooooo!  I hope they don't somehow ruin it.

Apparently ABOY will be on CD:UK this weekend. Probably the video, as I'm not aware of them having done a live performance for the show, but I could be wrong... wasn't someone from this community there when they filmed the various songs?

EDIT: Yeah, the CD:UK website confirms it'll just be the video they're showing.
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