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Why the summer tour was cancelled....

The Mirror
March 27, 2002

Bono's No to Go-Go
U2 Star Cancels Tour to Rest

By Paul Martin

U2 have ditched plans for concerts in Europe this summer because Bono is exhausted.

I can reveal that the band have decided to stay in the recording studio instead and give their lead singer a break from his gruelling schedule. The rockers were set to perform a number of one-off outdoor concerts including a show in Belfast.

But after months of touring and jetting around the world on humanitarian missions Bono has been ordered to take it easy for a while.

A group insider said: "There's only so much that any human being can do and Bono needs some time off.

"In the last month alone he has been in America, Africa, Ireland and the U.K.

"He wants to spend some time with his family.

"The summer concerts were never set in stone so it's not as if they have to make any big cancellations.

"They have had a meeting and decided it would be better to go back into the studio and write new material."

U2 have performed over 100 concerts in the past year.

The star has already written six songs for the new album and material could be released by November.

Fans were hoping for more live concerts this summer after the huge success of the Elevation tour.

But U2 manager Paul McGuinness confirmed that the concerts would not go ahead.

He added: "They will not be touring Europe this summer. Instead they are spending their time in the studio working on new material for a possible release later this year."

Last month the Edge hinted that they would stage a concert in Belfast after missing the city on the Elevation world tour.

He said: "We would love to do a show there if we can get a big promoter behind it. It's a definite possibility."
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