kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,


First off: I'm baaaaaaack! You all missed me and my wonderful insights, right? *watches the tumbleweed roll past* Ah well, it was worth a shot ;)

Right so I had a boring holiday BUT I made a discovery that probably everyone else already knew. Because I tend to do that and end up looking blonde and silly. What the hell. If everyone else knew this already then sorry :p

Listening to Numb (Best Of version - for some reason Pop didn't yield the same results) through headphones, I was thinking, hey, it's cool how Edge, Larry and Bono all get a part in this song. Hey, it's a shame Adam doesn't have anything cause then it'd be like, a way cool group thang. But unless my ears deceive me (and they might well have done) Adam DOES! When Larry does his 'I feel numb' I swear Adam says it, like a beat later, it was in my other ear as I listened and I thought "that posh voice can only be one person..."

Yes? No? Was I hallucinating through lack of U2 for 5 days?
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