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Not sure if this has been posted; apologies if it has

From U2tours.com:

U2 DVDs due in mid-November

September 08, 2005

Source: U2tour.de

You can plan on seeing the newest U2 concert DVDs in mid-November, according to a Universal Music list of upcoming releases. The list, which was compiled for the Austrian/German market, shows two U2 DVDs being released on Friday, November 11th -- a single DVD and a double DVD. (New releases are now coming out on Fridays there.) That means the worldwide release should follow on Monday, November 14th, and N. America on the 15th.

Curiously, the release list also includes a 3-CD set titled Chronicles. Hmmmm.... No idea what that could be, but it does list Island UK as the label and shows a release date of October 7th. (Thx U2tour.de.)

Could this finally be Best of 1980-1990 and maybe a combo set of ZooTV and Pop Mart? Here's hoping!!
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