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So when I first joined this community everybody told me that not owning Achtung Baby was almost sacreligious, and I couldnt have that, so I went out and bought it. Although War still is my favorite album, you guys were for sure right, its a really good album. I pretty much fell in love with "Whos gonna ride your wild horses", hardcore.
So thanks.
Im also in the process of making a mix of my favorite u2 songs, when I'm done ill edit this entry and post the tracklist. :)

Okay so here is the mix I made. It was so long I had to put it on 2 discs, but I think that says something about the band.
1. Until the End of the World
2. Whos gonna ride your wild horses
3. Love is Blindness
4. A man and a woman
5. Pride (in the name of love)
6. New Years Day
7. The Unforgettable Fire
8. When Love Comes to Town
9. Angel of Harlem
10. Electrical Storm
11. Miss Sarajevo
12. The Hands that Built America
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday
14. Like a song
15. Two hearts beat as one
16. Staring at the Sun
17. Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me
18. City of Blinding Lights
19. Miracle Drug
20. Kite
21. Walk On
22. Elevation
23. Stuck in a moment you cant get out of
24. Beautiful Day
25. Ultraviolet (light my way)

I split it at 15....I'm really happy with this list.
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