kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,

Are U2 funny?

Well I think they are funny, and to this end I'm posting this I found written by Bill Flanagan, for y'all to read and do whatever you want with. :) It's Saturday, I'm not in the mood to start a serious debate!

"Generally Adam is the quickest with a quip, which may be part of why Adam has a looser image than the other three. Bono's humour is missed by those who assume that everything he says has the weight of philosophy behind it - and miss his gift for leg-pulling at an Olympic level. Edge's jokes are so deadpan that they fly over some heads. Larry probably has the biggest obstacle to overcome in getting his wit across, because Larry's humour usually comes out in the classic Ralph Kramden slow-burn of the straightman whose patience has been stretched past the breaking point by the nuts around him. Larry phoned me after reading my book in manuscript and said, 'You make it look like I'm angry all the time.' I said, 'That's silly, Larry, I do not.' He said, 'Let me read you a list of some of your descriptions of me: "Larry fumes, Lary burns, Larry shouts, Larry sneers, Larry comes in boiling, Larry says angrily, Larry's pissed, Larry got upset, Larry was mad..."'

I had to admit Larry had a point. What I had not considered and I dare say what even other band members who read the book might not have noticed - is that if you know Larry you know that his 'This is the last straw' persona is a running joke. But objective readers would not realise this; they'd just figure Larry was always in a bad mood."

I liked that little insight. :) Gonna x-post to u2slash in the name of character, you understand. :D
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