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Sunday Bloody Sunday

For those of you that really liked my other survey: Here is another one!
For those of you that never saw or got my other survey: Another Chance.

Here is basically a Song of the Day with a survey.

The song: Sunday Bloody Sunday
The albums: War, Under A Blood Red Sky, and Best of 1980-1990.

Importance and Overall Appeal: High
Reason: This was the first U2 song that made me fully realize that these boys ROCK!

First Time Heard: on the Live8 video (from over 20 years ago when a young Bono had a mullet and the band was still under the radar screen to most of the world). Now I have the videos, the songs, the albums, a love for the band and so on and so forth...

First Time It Meant Something: History Class - It was played to get us to think about the importance music plays on History. Funny thing is the very next semester in History I got a young student teacher that implemented the idea into his curriculum and I had no choice but to replay this awesome song. I was first to volunteer for the assignment and I was proud to play this for all my classmates to hear. Additionally, for the first time in a while I really did not care if they liked me or the song. I was determined to play this awesome song! I got an 11/10 and to this day no-one has topped my command performance on that nice Spring Day...


Enough of me, Here are the 3 Questions that I have for you:

1) What do you think of this song and the importance it plays to U2 being who they are today?

2a) Where did you first hear this song (and if you say Live8 where else)?

2b) Has anyone heard this song live and in person?

3) Where do you rank this song against all other U2 songs?

Optional Bonus:

?) How do you make this song personal to you or what connections do you have with this song, if any?

Any other information about this song that you wish to share is welcome:

Thank you in advance for sharing.
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