Katums (empresskatums) wrote in u2,

Desperate for tickets!

Alright guys, here's the deal. Ever since I heard that Patti Smith is opening for U2 in NYC in November, I've been desperate for tickets. (It's pretty much my dream concert.) Since you guys always know everything, I have a couple of questions for ya:

1. Are there any good places to get tickets online at face value - sold by the fans? (I've been looking in the forum at Interference, but I'm sure there's other sites I could be browsing.) Failing that, has anyone bought tickets from a site that hasn't screwed them over too badly?

2. How are the behind-the-stage tickets? I noticed those tend to go for cheaper, and I want to make sure that they're worth it. I've heard that they're great seats when you're on the first level, but I want confirmation.

3. Anyone here selling any tickets for these shows? That would make life a lot easier!

Thanks in advance for your advice everybody!
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