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And the love keeps on growing...

hello all! My name is Liz and I've been checking on this thing for the past month and I finally thought to myself "I MUST be included in all this fun!" So here I am, typing away in the community. I love U2 just as much as all of you, I'm sure.. but I'm very young compared to you all BUT I still love them! Just as much as you!! I went to the 11/25 Elevation concert in Dallas and I havent gone a day without listening to them AT LEAST once yet. If you'de like to know anything else about me just ask, or email! But I have a question that even AnswerGuy @U2 cant answer for me... what is it that Bono mumbles in the middle of 'The Sweetest Thing'?! I am clueless! Alright, have a beautiful day everyone! :)
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