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Bono 1, Geldof 0

Today's Daily Express had a couple of articles about a fundraising party for African Aids charity Clothesline, which included the following:

Bob's got no happy snaps

Meanwhile, there was no pleasing Sir Bob Geldof. The Live Aid legend dropped in on the party, where two of his pictures - motorcyclists snapped from a taxi on one of his trips to Africa - were exhibited alongside works by Bryan Adams and Bono. But he was none too pleased with the photos on show.

"They look awful," he said. "I asked Zita Lloyd [one of the organisers] to pick out some pictures from my book, and these are the ones she chose. I mean, why? Bono's picture is great - which makes it even worse."

Over to Zita, who helped to organise the bash at Covent Garden club The Hospital, which was sponsored by Moet & Chandon. "What can I say? Bob said: 'Pick any ones you like,' and I thought they were really good."

The photos were all up for sale but, sadly, Bob's analysis looked to be correct. Bono's Madonna And Child went for £900. Bob's is still open to bids.

Hahaha... does anyone know if Bono's picture is on the web somewhere?  I'm curious as to what it looks like!
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