through the looking glass (girlfindsworld) wrote in u2,
through the looking glass

Hey guys,
I'm not too active on LJ these days, but I figure I may aswell mention this here too.

On interference, i've offered to buy the 'All Because of You' singles for anyone internationally who would like them. I'm doing this because I know how expensive singles can be to import, and as they are marketed relatively cheaply in Britain (you get all three version for £6... around $10.50) it just seems like a logical thing to do. I'm not interested in conning people out of money, and the only thing i'm going to ask is that people cover their own postage costs (which should be about £2).

I figure that paypal is the most practical way to do this, but I am open to any sort of suggestion. I also know that it's difficult to trust someone you don't know well, but I can only offer you my word that I won't cheat you. I have no interest in doing so, I just thought it might be good to help people out.

So, if anyone would like me to buy them for them, go ahead and e-mail me ( or reply here.

- Beth
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