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U2 in mags

I read oodles of magazines, and U2 has popped up in them here and there. The cover of this month's National Geographic? The problem of Africa. Wanna take bets as to how many times Bono is mentioned?

Of course there was also the titular article on Bono in the NY Times Sunday magazine. (From my LJ: Moving along, I started reading the Bono article earlier tonight. I understand the point of "[continued on page 86]"s, it makes room for the other major articles closer to the front of the mag. Still, once I got to 86, it was continued on 90, then on 97, then to 103 but to turn it upside down, then to 109 and hold it arm's length, and then it told me to go down the street, pick up the pamphlet under the Stop sign and read that... when that one told me to go to Milwaukee, well, I just stopped there.)

Last month's Blender had Larry as a T/F question. I think it was something like like did he name all three of his sons Larry. I have no idea what gender Larry's kids are, much less their names. (It was false)

The current issue of Giant (a fairly new, I think, movie/TV/book/video games mag) had a little blurb titled "Even Better Than The Real Thing" which compared two 'Bono's from cover groups.

Now comes this month's Blender, which has the rather ambivalent cover of The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born. I guess Blender assumes we were all born around 1980. Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" came out on top, but here are U2's placing songs.
4 - One
63 - Beautiful Day
214 - I Will Follow
(I almost thought 225 was Fast Cars, which would be weird, but it was Tracy Chapman's Fast Car... she only has one, she's a solo act)
268 - With Or Without You
443 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
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