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Hey everyone - I've been a part of this community for a long time, but I deleted my old LJ awhile back, and just created a new one. Anyway, there are two purposes to this post:

First, the more superficial: I'm at school up in Lubbock, TX, and I wasn't able to get tickets to any of the Texas shows when tickets went on sale. Does anyone have any ideas at all as to how I may by some amazing miracle obtain tickets to any of the TX shows? I know they're all sold out, but where would be the best place to try and get them? Or am I being completely naive and it's just hopeless?

Second - I hadn't appreciated how inspirational and uplifting U2's music is in a long time until last night...one of my best friends up here came over to see my roommate and me to tell us that one of his friends had been in a bad car accident and had been in brain surgery for 12 hours straight. The boy had been thrown from a car after the car flipped, and my friend didn't know how he was doing. We were listening to Walk On, which is just such an amazing song, and it truly makes you feel (as hokey as it may sound) that you can get through absolutely anything. I'm so thankful to them for creating music like that...
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