Nicstar (nicstaru2) wrote in u2,

Do you have any U2 regrets? I mean, something you really really regret now that could have happened. Not all of the little ones but a few major ones?

My regrets are:

- first year uni, U2 comes to Sydney....but I am stuck doing my practical experience, and to get to either the Friday or the Saturday concert I'd have had to not go the Friday, or leave half way through the day. I'd finished up all my requirements three weeks into the four weeks practical experience, and I asked my uni supervisor ever so nicely if I could finish up a half day early, so I could go to Sydney, but no. I was devastated. Especially as someone had just found me an awesome ticket. I was a "good girl" back then, didn't chuck sickies and so on. In retrospect I am thinking I should have done so. Should have not said a word and just called in sick that Friday morning. And actually made it to Zoo TV.

- a few years back I remember seeing some U2 vinyl for sale in the cd shop. I can't recall exactly what, but I am thinking it was POP or something from that era, and was contemplating buying it. But never did. Now my current U2 hobby is collecting it all on vinyl I am kicking myself ever so hard.

- some of you know I went off to the UK to see U2 last year. I had tickets for 5 concerts plus Slane. I was going to the first two London concerts, and when all those extra tickets became available, I had standing tickets up on the ticketmaster site, ready to buy, for the night of the 22nd. I uhm'd and ah'd and thought "nah, better not, by then I'll probably be at the end of my U2 tolerance level..." WRONG! Am so wishing now that I had bought tix for that concert when they were available. gggrrrr!
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