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I got lucky at Wuxtry's again today! This time it was a used copy of Rattle and Hum which I snatched up of course along with a used REM's Out of Time. Anyway, I came across another used U2 item but I didn't buy it since it was the same price as the two things I did buy. Has anyone seen a different version of the Joshua Tree by any chance? This one has slightly different cover art and it was called the "Original Master Recording". This one has the same pic of the band but it was altered in such a way that it looked like a widescreen movie still. It was $15 and I was tempted since I don't even own Joshua Tree at the moment. I prefer getting all older albums used and I've been waiting for quite awhile. It looked like all the songs were on there (no extras). If anyone knows anything about this please let me know. Maybe when I raise some more money, it'll still be there :-).
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