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Hi, guys. I was just wondering, since there was just a question about this a little bit ago - how do you all feel about the GA system this tour as opposed to during Elevation? I'm specifically wondering about what people's thoughts are about getting into the ellipse, and the fact that it is by random selection.

I just had my first U2 GA experience in Milwaukee last Sunday, and didn't get in. I was on the rail outside the walkway, and was surprised at how awesome my spot was even though I wasn't one of the cool kids in the ellipse. :)

Anyway, I don't remember it being discussed much here lately, so I was curious since I was talking about it a little with the guy I ended up standing next to (who was great - U2 fans [for the most part] rock so much!). It may have been extensively talked about at the beginning of the first leg, but I wasn't paying much attention since I was so depressed about not getting tickets at all at that point - luckily it all worked out later, yays. I apologize if it's been beaten to death!
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