Beowulf Jones (beowulfjones) wrote in u2,
Beowulf Jones

U2 + Conan = live action "Li'l U2!" from Achtoon Baby (I hope)

Having read most of the articles that've cropped up yesterday and today about the U2-Conan dealy (it's even on CNN!), I've realized what specifically I'm hoping to see the most: a true splicing of Conan's wacked-out humor* with the charicature-able personalities of U2. Can you just IMAGINE the craziness of the sketches? And what if Conan latches on to some quirk like Edge's fascination with owls?!

(*= Did anyone see last night when he started dancing, jumping over the couches, making faces into the camera then rolling his chair into a corner and freezing for an entire minute when technical difficulties prevent him from starting a sketch -- which was just as weirdly excellent?!)

In other words: I hope that U2 + Conan = live action "Li'l U2!" from atu2's Achtoon Baby cartoon.

(Refer to the January 2004, May 2004, October 2004, December 2004 and May 2005 episodes.)

And in other OTHER words: Thank you thank you thank you Kelly for your amazing Achtoon Babys.
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