Kev (kohls_samurai) wrote in u2,

Take this city's heart, and keep it safe.

Bono in a Red Sox jersey singing Yahweh. Sorry it cuts out right before the end. I ran out of memory. Sorry it's crap quality. It's only a small digital camera meant for taking pictures. I wasn't really aiming in the beginning either. I have more videos, I may post them.

Oh yes, this was the Oct. 3rd Concert.

I have videos from both the 3rd and 4th. However the 4th I was GA, and I didn't think the videos would come out so well so I quit trying after about 70 odd combined seconds of Vertigo and Beautiful Day. THey came out alot better then I expected (you can actually see the band) but it's so shakey because people kept bumping me.
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