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u2 quotes...

I'm not sure if Irish people can dance.... except for The Edge, that is,
who is our own funky chicken."

It's a very unusual thing to be in a band like this. It's like being in a street gang.
And it's all very well being in a street gang when you're 16, but it's bloody weird when you're 32. - Edge

BP: Did you ever think you were going to die?
LARRY: Yes, only on the back of Bono's motorbike!
EDGE: Only on the back of Bono's motorbike.
ADAM: Only in the back of Bono's car.
BONO: Die, no. Squashed, yes.

"I'd like to give a message to the young people of America, and that is; we
shall continue to abuse our position and fuck up the mainstream."
-Grammy's acceptance speech, Bono

"My strongest trait is curiosity, I'm just lifting stones, you know,
opening doors. Looking out windows, around corners, up skirts."
BP: What would you like to have that you don't?
Bono: Feet. My legs just seem to end.

BP: Have you ever told a lie?
Bono: Everything I say is a lie.

BP: What's the most frightening thing that ever happened to you?
Bono: I found this pair of sunglasses, I picked them up, I put them on...

BP: Do you ever wish you were Edge/Larry/Adam?
Bono: The bass is the hippest instrument in rock 'n
roll, the drums are the most exciting. I want to play
the guitar very badly and I do play the guitar very badly.

When I was three I thought the world revolved around me
I was RIGHT!" ~Bono, Zoo TV Tour

Interviewer: "Do you consider yourself a good dancer, Bono?"
Bono: "I dance much better horizontally than vertically."

Q : "Most interesting question asked recently by a fan?"
Bono : "Have you seen Bono?"

We get our skis on and Bono falls over immediately... (Adam '82)

Excuse me but why have you taken your clothes off, Bono?
"For the same reason," interjected the Edge,
answering on Bono's behalf, "that he's the lead singer. Because he's a
rampant sex god with a huge ego."
"And a small willy," added Adam.
- Sean O'Hagan, Details, Sep. 1992

Everyone argues, then we do what I say.
- Bono

"The strangest thing has happened. I really missed my dog.
That's never happened to me before. You know,
on the tour you do hear people saying they miss their pets.
I never have. But last night I started really missing my dog.
It's very odd, 'cos I don't have a dog."
-Bono, during ZooTV (from the Orange Bible)
"I never knew I was Irish until I went to America."
"Hello? Is this Speedy Pizza? I'd like to order 10,000 pizzas for Detroit. We're at the Palace. D'a know the Palace? Yeah, I AM serious. I'm very serious. You can't make 10,000? Just make as many as you can. OK. What? My name is Bono." - Zoo TV tour, March 27 1992

i thought some of them were pretty funny. thought i would share them with everyone.
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