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Now can I rave about Conan the Barbarian?

Just some random items:

1) Wow, the stand-by line was insanely long!  No wonder no-one was on that tour bus.  Conan to people on line: "I have good news: Most of you will get in for today's performance.  The bad news is this is the line for the Tony Danza Show."

2) Conan rocks the guitar!

3) Those 2 asian boys also rock!

4) Conan looks good in a low-cut dress.

5) "All Because of You", "Original of the Species", "Stuck in a Moment" and "Vertigo" (Bono: "Spanish lesson, yeah right!")

6) Bono on being wealthy in Ireland: (more or less verbatim)

"In America, you look up at that mansion on the hill and say, 'Someday, that'll be me.'  In Ireland, you look up at the mansion on the hill and say, 'Someday, I'll get that son of a bitch.'

7) Edge really is from the future!  (see previous post)

8) Maybe they'll never give the Nobel Prize to an Irish rock star, but you are totally worthy, Bono!

9) The Larry Mullen Quartet? 

10) Altered album covers rule!

11) Cutting off Vertigo mid-way sucks!

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